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60 Years of dynamic presence in the Greek jewellery

Since the first time we applied ourselves to the manufacturing of Hellenic jewellery, our purpose was to place Hellenic jewellery in the position it deserves, not only in the Hellenic market, but in the international market as well. We created the company MEANDROS based on European models of organization and operation a unique and pure Hellenic name that represents the exquisite jewellery it manufactures. Today, we are able to distribute Hellenic jewellery superior in quality reliant on the highly experienced technicians and modern equipment. The enormous variety of Hellenic representation gives us the opportunity to manufacture fine jewellery that can define not only the geographical position of our country, but also its historical wealth. Furthermore, the company’s capabilities are not limited to the Hellenic design but they extend to the creation of classic jewellery. It is important to note that with the immense diversity and constantly growing collection of our jewellery, the great productive capability, and its modern organization, the company MEANDROS has succeeded in attaining one of the highest positions in the international market. Our extensive experience and the continually increasing variety of our jewellery will assist you in selecting appropriate merchandise specifically designed for the district in which you are located. When you think of Hellenic jewellery, the choice is one, Meandros.

During the past years, we have accomplished our high set goals, to design modern and excellent jewellery. In our effort to do so, we had a remarkable increase of cooperators and friends that believed and trusted us. We would like to thank them, and promise to continue with our enthusiasm and passion to create perfection, investing in new projects and permanent increase in our line of jewellery, so that we can say, in the future years that develop before us, that When one considers Hellenic jewellery the choice is one, Meandros.


Ioannis G. Ioannidis
Production Manager

Vassilis G. Ioannidis
Sales Manager

Thanassis G. Ioannidis
Technical Manager

George I. Ioannidis
Marketing Manager

George V. Ioannidis
Design Manager

Ossia Th. Ioannidi
Accountant Manager
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